The Finger Labyrinth

Finger labyrinths are amazingly convenient meditative tools that are notorious for helping people calm the mind, the body, and the breath, as well as revitalizing the spirit and enhancing right-brain activity. Walking labyrinths have been used for over 4,000 years as paths to wisdom and peace, and also have connections with mandalas, the body’s seven chakras, and transformative pilgrimages from the Middle Ages.

What I love about having a finger labyrinth is that I can take it with me anywhere if needed, and it’s small enough to fit on a tray for a shelf or next to a computer, and it’s large enough to be used by anyone, including the littlest of people. My favorite ones are from Montessori Services because they are simple, durable, and they have three types to choose from: Cretan Labyrinth (classic, seven circuit as pictured here), Chartres Labyrinth (beautiful and slightly more complex 11 circuit), and a pewter labyrinth that fits in the palm of your hand (pouch included).

These make really great gifts for yourself, a child, a classroom peace area, or for someone you know who could use a little more centering in her life.

So now, prepare to walk the labyrinth… with your mind… and your finger.

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Objective: to gain an appreciation for the tactile and calming aspect of using a finger labyrinth.

Deeper Objective: to gain a deep appreciation and awareness of finding your heart’s center by mindfully and meditatively following the labyrinth path while focusing on the breath.


Place the labyrinth on the rug, or on a clean table as far away from distraction as possible.

Start your finger at the entrance and take a few big breaths, calming your thoughts.

Continue to slowly follow the path around the labyrinth with your finger, paying particular attention to the senses…

Once you get to the center you can take a moment or two, then begin your journey back to the entrance by retracing your steps with your finger. Do this as many times as you’d like, as often as you can.

You can also use crystals. This turned out to be the favorite way of using the labyrinth:

We placed them around the labyrinth and settled on using the heart moonstone as our “heart center.”

*Seastar slowly began her journey around the labyrinth, and I noticed she paid particular attention to how she went around the curves.

I also noticed her breathing slowed but became deeper as she went, telling me that she was in total concentration mode…

until she finally reached the center, where she chose to dig her finger in a little 🙂 Then she made her journey back out… and… had to try it again. Except this time, the clever girl thought to use one of the crystals as a guide.

After trying a few of them out, she finally decided on the heart moonstone as her favorite…

A perfect match.



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