The Finger Labyrinth – Make a Rubbing

In this new labyrinth post, you’ll learn how to make artwork from your tabletop finger labyrinth by doing a rubbing with crayon or soft pastel chalk. I love this sort of lesson since it seems that art and mindfulness go hand in hand.

When I’ve observed people of all ages do this particular project, I notice an intense concentration – most often the kids’ tongues stick out to the side of their little mouths, and the adults’ foreheads go into concentrative crinkles. Can you relate to that?

This lesson is the gift that keeps on giving since the rubbing can be hung anywhere. Consider sending a rubbing as a gift to a family member or friend!

If you haven’t already done so, I recommend reading my other two posts on labyrinths first. You can see the intention and history of labyrinths here, and a quick tutorial on using a finger labyrinth here.

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Gather all of your materials together.

Set the paper on top of the labyrinth and tape the corners down. This helps to control the paper from shifting when you are focusing on the rubbing.

It’ll look a little like this, with a bump in the center.

Take your crayon and turn it sideways to start your rubbing. Some adults will only use the tip, and they turn out beautifully, but I’ve found that the sideways crayon helps kids get a larger portion. They can always go back to and fill in the blanks if needed.

Continue to rub around the edges of the labyrinth.

Use more pressure on larger surface areas. You’ll be able to feel them out as you go along.

And along the edges of the pathways. Doing the rubbing itself is a very mindful activity.

Your finished product is not meant to be squeaky clean, but it should have a really good foundation to show the pathways. I personally love the rugged expression it gives… such is life, right?

Hang it on the wall near a place you sit, so that you and others can utilize your finger labyrinth rubbing.

You can also try it with soft pastel chalk, but be sure to spray it with a bit of hairspray afterward so that the chalk doesn’t rub off onto your fingers!

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