The Finger Labyrinth – Guide the Marble

Do you ever feel like some larger force is guiding you through your labyrinth of a life path? Maybe you unintentionally step or stumble off of your path but are divinely or intuitively nudged back in the right direction?

This was an interesting epiphany as I watched my daughter push a marble along the finger labyrinth path. She didn’t hover over the marble, but gently nudged it when it needed an extra oomph, or picked it back up (wiped it off) and set it back on its path.

The marble, serendipitously, is solar and it actually glows in the dark. This gave more confirmation of my metaphor that the marble represented a person – a seeker of light on different levels – and my daughter’s hand represented a divine force that helps to guide us through our labyrinthine life experience… you can see this from the video. 


Ah, such are the moments in the labyrinth of life.

How has your labyrinth been so far?

This finger labyrinth came from Montessori Services. You can find it here.

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