Punkee Says: Sticky Burr – Adventures in Burrwood Forest

Sticky Burr – Adventures in Burrwood Forest
By: John Lechner

Welcome to Burrwood Forest, where a village of seed pods are busy having adventures! There are friends like Sticky Burr and Mossy Burr, who stick together, and bad seeds like Scurvy Burr, who irritates them every chance he gets. Watch out for wild dogs and maze trees, loyal insects, and escapes on the fly in a gently quirky graphic storybook that readers are sure to get stuck on.

Punkee Says:
What I like about Sticky Burr – Adventures in Burrwood Forest is that he sticks to anything – he can stick to a shoe, he can stick to a rabbit, he can stick to a ball, he can stick to a foot, he can stick to anything. The characters are funny because one sticky burr always has a mad face and other ones have funny faces. They jump instead of walking because they don’t have legs. My favorite part is when he sticks himself onto the bird to get away from the other sticky burrs that are chasing him. The bird flies him through the sky! The funniest part is when he was stuck on a tree he made up a song with his ukelele, and it says

Stuck on a tree, stuck on a tree, won’t anybody help me?
Life can be funny, strange as can be,
when you’re stuck on a tree, like meeeee!

What I like about this book:
John Lechner shows a great sense of humor using little creatures we often never think of: sticky burrs! Anyone who has trudged through the woods or over sand dunes has had them sticking on random objects-of-possession. This book has forever changed the way I view them now. I can imagine with every ounce of my daydreaming how he came up with this story while plucking the little things off of his clothes, shoes, and other apparel. After reading through Sticky Burr’s adventures, it’s obvious the humor and fun you can have on an outing and finding them sticking along for the ride! The book inadvertantly gives awareness to those small things in nature, and adds creativity in the ouchiness of stepping on a group while barefoot. I also love that Lechner’s illustrations take the reader through the forest, and sometimes giving a literal birds eye view of Burrwood Forest, which could very well be in anyone’s backyard or nearby state park. And seriously, who can deny a sticky burr playing a ukulele??

Here’s a hint: read this book, then give voice to random objects in nature to create your own characters. Even better, give them super funny voices like we did Sticky Burr and his pals! He also has some great stuff AND videos on his website.


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