Spring Sheep Scrolls

Spring intentions can be pretty profound when a lot of heart is put into them. I have my own Spring rituals that give empowerment in the meanings of Spring, so sharing more kid-friendly ideas with my students to give them their own sense of empowerment makes all the stress of teaching way worth it.

My previous post showed you how to make adorable Jolly Spring Sheep, and this post will show you how to invoke a more spiritual, affirmational sense of Spring. This is done simply by writing down an intention, affirmation, prayer, or incantation (spell) that gives peace of mind.

The beautiful thing about this is that it not only brings in a sense of wonder to the child, but it also touches on any belief system. My example shows an incantation for a prosperous and happy Spring. Here’s how to make your sheep scroll. 

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  1. dry, drained egg (as mentioned in my previous post HERE)
  2. a piece of paper (the width should be slightly shorter than the egg’s length)
  3. pen (black or multi-colored)
  4. tape
  5. string
  6. inspirational quote
  7. penny (optional)


 Place your egg hole-side up. I used the finger holes of my scissors to hold mine up.

 Take a slip of paper and string from the tray, if there is one already prepared.

 Write the incantation on the paper, and repeat it to yourself a few times. That will set your intention more deeply.

 If you have another incantation or prayer that you prefer, then please use whatever speaks to your heart!

 Roll the paper up as tightly as you can.

 And place a little tape on it so that it stays. Take a small amount of yarn either from the tray if it’s prepared, or from another source. Cut about three inches.

Tie the string around the scroll.

 Slide the scroll inside of the egg.

 The scroll should fit snugly inside of the egg. If it is a little too long, take it back out and snip the edges until it fits inside. Once the scroll is inside, you have the option of sliding a penny in, too. The penny is a symbol of luck and prosperity. This is totally optional.

 Now you can start making your Jolly Spring Sheep by following my tutorial HERE.

Jolly Spring Sheep Craft

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