Slicing Ba-nay-nays

Anyway a child can be more independent is a great start to your child feeling more confident. Most kids love to help cook and prepare a meal, and there are some very safe ways of allowing your child to help. One of my favorite tools for this is a banana slicer.

Even a one-year-old can use this – and a two-year-old can become a professional banana slicer.

Because that’s what we need more of: confident, independent, happy, healthy banana slicers.

Objective: to gain more independence in food preparation
Deeper objective: to gain more independence and confidence in preparing ones own meals, and spreading compassion by offering some to others.

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1. cutting board
2. banana
3.banana slicer

Note: Just like with any lesson, I have the child observe me practicing it first using each step of the procedure from beginning to end. Then I say Now you can try, and most likely they will do their best to repeat the same process. Observation is a beautiful thing and an extremely important skill to learn.


peel banana
1. Peel the banana completely and set the peel aside for later composting.

2. Place the banana slicer on top of the banana making sure the whole banana is underneath slots and not the edge. Start to slowly push the slicer down.

3. Continue pushing the banana slicer until you get all the way through. Note that once you get towards the middle and end of the banana the child may need a little extra oomph from the adult, but I feel this is only in the initial attempt. The child will get the hang of the amount of strength involved very quickly.

4. Once the banana is sliced all the way through you can pick the slicer up and start to gently push the banana slices through to plop onto the cutting board. They normally love this part.

5. Once the slices are ready, they can be arranged to serve or you can go ahead and start munching away!

Of course, there’s always the option of making banana-peanut butter monsters.

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