Zen Garden

Zen Garden Montessori Services: In Japan, Zen Buddhists rake sand in stone gardens as a meditative act. Ours is a tabletop version, yet its effect can be just as peaceful. After seeing a careful demonstration, children can rake a pattern in the fine sand and select a place for each stone. The simplicity of this experience is powerful yet calming. A wonderful addition to a quiet corner.

Set consists of a wood-framed Sand Garden (12" x 7 1/8;"), 2 wood/bamboo rakes, sand, rocks, and a booklet of meditations. Ages 4 and up; children under 5 may need supervision.


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The Japanese Sand Garden is a wonderful tool for children (and adults) of all ages. Arranging the pebbles and gently raking patterns in the sand is meditative and calming. My first sand garden was handmade, but I later purchased this tabletop product, and it was used regularly in the classroom. I am no longer teaching, but I take it along to my peace workshops and show teachers how to use in their own peace areas. My observations of children using it in the 6-9 classroom is that it is probably the most popular item on the peace shelf.

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