Punkee Says: Zen Pig

Zen Pig
Volume 1/Issue 1
Author: Mark Brown
Illustrator: Amy Brown

“Care for each other
As much as yourself
And never lose sight,
That love is true wealth.”

These are the wise words of “Zen Pig” – the critically-acclaimed children’s book character that teaches children compassion, gratitude, and mindfulness in easy to understand language and is brought to life in beautiful minimalist art.
Zen Pig” also teaches the fulfillment that comes with giving back; partnering with the non-profit Know.Think.Act. each PRINT copy sold provides 10 people access to clean water for 1 year!

Punkee Says:
I really like this book because it reminds me of peaceful places, like the magical bamboo forest where we used to live next to. This book gives me a lesson to take my time and to look at things more closely. We do this a lot when we go on walks at the beach and in the woods. My favorite part about it is the watercolor illustrations and how pretty it makes the animals and other pictures. My favorite kind of paint is watercolor, and I want to try to paint animals like this. The illustration of Zen Pig sitting so peacefully with the cat under the umbrella is my favorite picture. It reminds me of how I feel about my cat, Scratchy.


Seastar Says (3 yrs old): 
I like the flowers and grass, and the bug on the flower. I like the bunny and the fox in the picture. I like big breaths and the elephant with Zen Pig. It’s so cute. Can we read it again, mommy?




Why I love this book:

Zen Pig is so beautiful. The words, the simple poetry, the message, and especially the watercolor illustrations. My children love this book, as well as my younger students. My husband enjoys reading this to our kids. I recommend this book to ALL ages, even as a little “Morning Meeting” message for middle and high school students. I truly love that it fills the heart, and it’s inspired my kids to do good things, be thankful for what we have, and to slow down and be amazed at the present moment. The website even has free coloring pages. We printed ours on cardstock, and “Punkee” used her watercolor set to paint the pictures, just like in her the book but with her own funky twist. Zen Pig also sends a great message to readers that for every print purchase, 10 people receive clean water for an entire year. Spread the love, spread the peace. Ahh… ZEN.

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