Punkee Says: Kingdom of Wrenly – Sea Monster

The Kingdom of Wrenly – Sea Monster
By Jordan Quinn

Troubled waters ahead! Lucas and Clara search for a scary sea monster in this third chapter book in the fantastical Kingdom of Wrenly series.
Something has been making waves around Wrenly, and it’s not the tides. Prince Lucas is sure that it’s the mysterious sea monster that has only been heard of in tall tales. Now the legendary monster is frightening everyone—from fishermen, to the king’s men, to even the hardiest of sea captains. With the aid of his best friend, Clara, and a cast of unlikely helpers, it’s up to Prince Lucas to discover what is bothering the beast—and make the trouble stop!

Punkee Says:
Sea Monster is my second favorite chapter book ever! It is a big mission to prove that the sea monster is real, so that the people of Wrenly will stop dumping trash into the water. This is a lot like our world because there is so much trash in our oceans. A lot of animals in our world are killed or hurt by trash, and in Wrenly it happens to the sea monster. His head gets caught in a big fishing net. Ruskin the Dragon helps the sea monster get the net off his head. And he saves him! Yay! My favorite part of this story is when the king believed Lucas in the end that the sea monster is real, and that there is too much trash in their ocean. The scariest part was when the monster was very angry and making big waves. Lucas almost fell off of the boat. I think other kids should read this book because it teaches them a lesson on what could happen when you throw trash into the ocean.

Why I love this book:
This is a great book to read around Earth Day. I’ve always loved the Kingdom of Wrenly series because of it’s innocent, fantastical approach… and good morals to boot. As a fantasy-fan myself, these are a great introduction for both boys and girls.

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