Elementary-aged chapter books


I am selling different elementary-aged books from my lower elementary classroom library. In a perfect world I could sell these all together, but am willing to split them up (less trips to the post office, the better!)

There are 33 1-4th grade reading levels. Sold all together $35 or separately listed below. Plus USPS Priority shipping.

Kingdom of Wrenly, books 1-6, 8, and 10: (sold together $15)

  • The Lost Stone
  • The Scarlet Dragon
  • Sea Monster
  • The Witch’s Curse
  • Adventures in Flatfrost
  • Beneath the Stone Forest
  • The Secret World of Mermaids
  • The Pegasus Quest

Sophie Mouse, books 1, 2, 5: (sold together $5)

  • The Emerald Berries
  • A New Friend
  • The Maple Festival

Owl Diaries, books 1, 2: (sold together $3)

  • Eva’s Treetop Festival
  • Eva Sees a Ghost

Eerie Elementary, books 1, 3: (sold together $4)

  • Recess is a Jungle!
  • The School is Alive!

The Secrets of Droon, books 7, 9, 10, 12, 13: (sold together $8)

  • Into the Land of the Lost
  • The Tower of the Elf King
  • Quest for the Queen
  • Under the Serpent Sea
  • The Mask of Maliban

Dragon Masters, books 2, 4: (sold together $4)

  • Power of the Fire Dragon
  • Saving the Sun Dragon

Race the Wild, books 1, 2: (sold together $3)

  • Great Reef Games
  • Rain Forest Relay

Battle Bugs: The Lizard War $1

Galaxy Zack: A Galactic Easter $1

Captain Awesome to the Rescue $1

Magic Treehouse: Knights and Castles $1

Unlikely Friendships for Kids $1

A Mouse Called Wolf $1

A Bear Called Paddington $1.00

The Saddle Club: Summer Horse $.50

The House at Pooh Corner $.50


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