Peaceful Crystal Fairy Wands

The summer solstice gives us plenty of reasons to celebrate. Whether it’s for religious purposes or for the pure enjoyment of the summer season – and it being the longest day of the year!– there is still plenty of mystery and subconscious healing in being aware of the cycles of nature.

Making crystal fairy wands is a great way to celebrate the spring equinox and the summer solstice. Let’s just say the kids (and adults.. ahem) love invoking their inner fairy. Even the boys…

And since kiddos are so in tune with the healing aspects of crystals we can throw them into the fairy wand-making mix.

So we did what any imaginative, crystal/fairy-loving humanoid would do – we made solstice Crystal Fairy Wands and then charged them in the full moon overnight. Part of the intention was to create a peaceful feeling in anyone who received contact with the wands.

Deep Objective: If your child loves fantasy, this is a simple way of giving them power and magic in imagination, while also creating a beautiful and natural weapon-of-peace

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Materials: (Click on the highlighted texts to take you to an example)
1. sturdy sticks from outside
2. sandpaper
3. crystals of choice (they should fit the tips of the sticks)
4. wire (copper or floral wire)
5. hot glue gun
6. toothpicks
7.beads and bells (optional)
8.ribbon (optional)


Gather your sticks together and use the sandpaper to sand away any rough edges and lichen.

Select the ribbons you’d like to use, then measure them out along the length of the stick. You may not choose to use ribbon, which is perfectly fine and still makes a powerful wand.

Gather the ends of the ribbon together.

By now the hot glue gun should be hot and ready to use. The majority of the steps can be accomplished by most elementary-aged child and older, but I strongly recommend an adult handle the hot glue gun.

Add a spot of hot glue onto the end of the stick and use the toothpick to press one or two of the ribbon ends to the hot glue.

Add another drop of hot glue for the rest of the ribbons, and use the toothpick to press them in firmly.

Choose your crystal. You can use the method explained in Denise’s guest post if there are a variety to choose from. Many of the crystals in this photo are pieces that have broken off of other larger crystals.

Add a decent drop of hot glue on top of the ribbons and dried hot glue at the end of the stick and press the crystal firmly into place. You will need to hold the crystal on for about a minute.

Take your wire and stretch it out to about a foot or so, depending on how much wrapping you’d like around your stick and crystal. Cut the wire.

Begin to mindfully wrap the wire around the ribbons just below where you glued them on. This will also help to hide any globs of dried hot glue. Wrap it carefully around and around as tightly as you can while moving up towards along the bottom half of your crystal.

Here you can wrap it across and over the crystal.

Or you can leave it without the criss-cross.

Or don’t use the wire at all, and you can consider putting smaller crystals in places where small twigs have broken off of the stick.

Now you can start to choose the beads and/or bells that you’d like to tie at the bottom of your ribbons.

Beads add more decor, if that’s what you’re looking for.

And bells attract fairies and positive energy.

Once you are finished with adding your decor – or not – take a good look at your wands and feel good!

Show them to the world if you’d like.

And then set them in the earth to cleanse in the moonlight! If you know it’s going to rain that day or night, then you can always set your wand on the windowsill inside.

Have FUN with your peaceful, crystal fairy wand!

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To see how to choose a crystal by intuition, visit Denise’s guest post here.

Photo credit: otterblossom via Interior Design / CC BY-NC-ND

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