Parts of a Mushroom II – Felt Mushroom Puzzle

In this next post you will see how to use a felt mushroom puzzle easily made by cutting different colors of felt into the parts of a mushroom to correspond with the nomenclature cards we used in Parts of a Mushroom I.

Objective: to learn the basic anatomy of a mushroom.
Deeper Objective: to gain a deeper understanding, awareness and respect for nature by learning the basic anatomical features of a mushroom.

1. felt mushroom puzzle
2. parts of a mushroom nomenclature cards (see Montessori Printshop)


Take the parts of a mushroom felt pieces apart.

Lay the picture/name cards out in a line and match the pieces of the felt mushroom puzzle to the corresponding cards.

When they are all matched start to piece the puzzle together beginning with the cap, stalk, gills, scales, ring, and finally the volva.

When I made this puzzle during morning circle one year, my classroom insisted I make a row of grass for the mushroom to settle itself into. I bent the edges so that the grass appeared to be more frayed.

For more of a challenge, turn over all of the picture/name cards so you cannot see the answers. Take each of the name labels and label the felt mushroom puzzle using the name labels. Turn the picture/name cards back over to check your work or use your new parts of a mushroom booklet as discussed in part I.

I keep a dried mushroom we found on a nature walk, in the parts of a mushroom drawer. The students can use this to observe the different parts, especially the gills, cap, and part of the ring.

See my next post on Parts of a Mushroom III – Magiscope Dissection

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