Punkee Says: On Meadowview Street

On Meadowview Street
By Henry Cole

Caroline lives on Meadowview Street. But where’s the meadow? Where’s the view? There’s nothing growing in her front yard except for grass. Then she spots a flower and a butterfly and a bird and Caroline realizes that with her help, maybe Meadowview Street can have a meadow after all.

Punkee Says:
I like this book because she is taking care of the flowers and animals. My favorite part is when she gave everyone the idea to make animal homes and she made one with her family too. The funniest part was when her dad put a for sale sign on his lawnmower. I like that the dad did that for her.

What I love about this book:
Children are naturally attracted to nature, but the growing suburbia (aka urban sprawl) leaves less room for animals and plants to root in their natural environments. In On Meadowview Street, Caroline takes it upon herself to create a world for plants and animals to thrive right in her own front yard…

Not only does it give inspiration to other characters to sell their lawnmowers and allow nature to takes it’s course, but it also gives readers inspiration create natural landscapes of his or her own. I love that this book, metaphorically speaking, plants the seeds for children (and adults) to appreciate weeds, wildflowers, and taking a different approach to landscaping especially when living in suburbia! This is one of my kids’ favorite books. The first time I read this to Punkee, she asked Papa to sell the lawnmower (we let the chickens mow the grass anyway) and she created her own little fenced-in area using sticks and yarn to “protect” a square of wildflowers.

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