Monster Earwax – Yummmyyyy!

Have you ever wondered what monster earwax tastes like? Oh, we have… and now we know! Here’s how to make Monster Q-tips as a Halloween treat.


  1. candy sticks – if they’re long, cut them in half
  2. small marshmallows
  3. peanut butter, Nutella, sunbutter, caramel – whatever you want to represent as earwax that can go easily on the marshmallow
  4. knife (or butter knife if the child is doing it themselves)
  5. dish (I covered a small teacup dish with aluminum foil since I didn’t have anything Halloween-ish)


Materials… check. The peanut butter in the container is home-made… even tastier.

Gently push a small marshmallow into the end of the stick.

Then the other side…

Gently spread the earwax onto each side, making it look kinda goopy.

Then do the other side. Looks good to us!

Place on the dish.

The kids LOVE this treat. We decided that the peanut butter was Frankenstein earwax, the Nutella was Goblin earwax, and Punkee* declared that the plain marshmallows were GHOST earwax. What a clever pumpkin.


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