Monster Burgers! Ahhh!

Who doesn’t love to eat monsters?? Especially around Halloween when you may find them lurking around your kitchen. 

These monster burgers were so very simple, and even though the kids might not be interested in eating the eyeballs the rest of the burgers are a total treat! Even better, they’re miniature so they fit in their cute little hands perfectly like living in a Lilliput. 

Here’s how…

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  1. miniature burger buns
  2. ground beef
  3. sliced cheese
  4. mozzarella balls
  5. sliced olives (black or green… add the red peppers for that evil effect!)
  6. toothpicks

Make your patties small enough to fit the miniature burger buns. Cook your burgers however way you like. Add the slices of cheese. The melted cheese adds that goofy monster grin inside the bun. Once the burgers are cooked with melted cheese on top, place the patties inside of the buns.

Here’s the fun part… gather your mozzarella balls, sliced olives, and toothpicks. 

Cut the mozzarella balls in half and position the sliced olives on the rounded part of the sliced mozzarella ball. Set the eyeball duo close to the edge of the burger bun and slide the toothpick through the front and into the bun so the eyeball stays in place. 

monster burgers, halloween treats, homemade halloween food, cooking with kids

I mean seriously, how cute is that… I mean… SCARY!!

Oh, and hey… something extra cool? Check out my next post on jack-o-lantern cheese crackers and see how I snagged some of the cheese to make this:

jack-o-lantern burger, halloween treats, homemade halloween food, cooking with kids

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