Mindfulness in Slicing Eggies

For a protein-rich snack full of healthy cholesterol, boiled eggs are a great treat. Most kids like them at some point, and even if they don’t, this quick lesson on slicing eggs (or, eggies as Seastar calls them) will still be fun for the child to prepare snacks for the family or for a classroom refreshment.

Because, just like banana slicing, we need more independent, healthy, happy, confident egg slicers.

One of the amazements I’ve always loved to see in young children is how the egg pieces actually happen. I watch the child’s eyes totally fixated on this process as they deliberately push the slicer through the egg. I’ve witnessed on countless occasions the sheer joy – and often a squeal – when the child sees the pieces come apart.

Their fascination first started with those super thin wires cutting through, then the realization – with eyes wide – that those tiny wires actually created the yummy slices they plan to devour!

Yet another reason why I yearn to have that same innocent fascination. Or do I still? Hmm… will need to contemplate this.

Meanwhile, here is how to be mindful in slicing eggies.

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    1. hard-boiled eggs (enough to serve oneself, a classroom, or a family)
    2. napkin
    3. cutting board
    4. egg slicer (my students and offspring love this one)
    5. a plate to serve

Note: Just like with any lesson, I have the child observe me practicing it first using each step of the procedure from beginning to end. Then I say Now you can try, and most likely they will do their best to repeat the same process. Observation is a beautiful thing and an extremely important skill to learn.


1. Open the egg slicer and place a hard-boiled egg inside. Be sure to show the child which direction the egg should face.

2. Slowly close the top of the slicer through the egg. The more slow-mo you make it, the more the child can observe the process. And they will probably follow suit.

Insert joyful squeal here!

3. Carefully pick up the whole egg. If it’s easier to take the slices apart while it’s still on the slicer, then go for it.

4. Help your child to count how many slices she now has while laying each one carefully and deliberately on the plate.

5. If you like a little sea salt on your eggs, now is the chance to sprinkle lightly. I heard from a culinary artist friend that using your fingers to sprinkle salt over food helps you to have more control over how much is going onto your food. The lighter the better. A good lesson for kiddos: everything in moderation.

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