Meet The Indigo Teacher

In a cozy little tree house nestled along the salt marshes of South Carolina’s lowcountry, Miranda Altice lives with her husband and daughters (*Punkee and *Seastar) balancing the norm and a progressive, contemplative lifestyle.

By day she is a teacher at a homeschool enrichment and tutoring program, and by night a wife, mother, and mad scientist. During her worldly travels her studies threw her into the fields of marine biology, journalism, progressive education, natural medicine, yoga, and the enchanting world of shamanic reiki.

Over the course of these journeys and rites of passage, Miranda has become The Indigo Teacher for children and educators.

Education has always been a major part of her life path. As a teacher for nearly ten years she believes wholeheartedly in visualizations and manipulative activities to invoke the senses, inspire creativity, movement, and peaceful social interaction. All of this while providing a gentle, but consistent immersion in Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). As a master naturalist and master herbalist, The Indigo Teacher’s lessons are mostly science-based, and easily integrate all other subjects showing how everything is ultimately connected and can be beautifully interwoven. She also likes to use various lessons as metaphors for social-emotional learning and spiritual growth and awareness.

Because we are, in fact, nurturing the new generation.

Mommy and Simone
Educating the whole child holistically and progressively is the best way of ensuring that as much of the child’s needs are being met. This includes designing lessons using the plethora of curricula created by other progressive educational philosophies such as Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Steiner, Mindfulness Ed, SEL, etc.

Learning does not have to be boring – and there is no ONE way to do it – so finding parts of a subject that really interests the child and then creating lessons around that to learn through other subjects is truly a skill of observation, research, passion, and creativity.

Education is not a hobby for her… it is a way of life, knowing that everything can be turned into a teachable moment.

While creating lessons for her classroom, Miranda is working on her natural healing doctorate through the Avicenna Institute of Natural Healing, and owns an herbal salve and balm business called Punkee Herbals. She is also notorious for creating useful and sweet contemplative objects for children.

During her free time Miranda loves reading fantasy novels, exploring the seashores, surfing with her husband, creating art, making herbal concoctions, and most importantly being outdoors with her family.