Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards

Unicorn is the symbol of the most magical of all animals.  The symbolism of these beautiful, fantastical creatures encompasses practically everything that a child desires, including magic, beauty, artistic ability, imagination, and the belief that she is capable of anything.

Guidance cards (often called oracle cards) are wondrous ways to help boost confidences and sooth worries for children and adults. I especially love using the Children’s Animal Spirit Cards by Stephen D. Farmer and the Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

I recently had so much fun sharing and playing with the Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards at a former student’s 9th birthday party. The guests loved the enchanting illustrations of the shimmering unicorn pictured on the back of each card.

We simply used a three card spread, and it was all each child needed to laugh and feel so good about the loving messages that the Unicorns had to share with them.

Without further ado, I introduce the alluring Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards

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 Take the cards and booklet out of the box and fan out the cards in a semi-circle so that a portion of each card can be seen. Have the child sit for a moment and take a few big breaths to calm her thoughts.

 Once the child is ready, show her how to slowly move her hand over the cards and feel for any heat radiating from a particular card. I tell them this is the card saying, “Pick me! Pick me!” Sometimes more than one card will be warm, or pulling on the hand slightly like a magnet. If this happens tell the child to just pick the one that is the most obvious. Follow the gut!

 Once the child has chosen the card, she can slide it out from underneath the other cards.

 The child can then set the first card down to the left underneath the arch of cards. She can turn the card over and see what it is now, or wait until all three cards are laid out.

 Now she will do the same with the second card by guiding her hand over the arch until she is confident about her choice.

 And finally, the third card gets picked.

 All three cards are now laid out side by side underneath the arch. This is a moment of exhilaration for the child to see which cards the Unicorns have picked for her.

 Pets is the first card! This child was so excited about this since she truly does love animals. She mentioned being the one who has to “take care” of her cat. We talked a little about her cat and how much she means to her.

 The second card is the Healer . This card reminds her that she has the power to help and heal others. This was a good reinforcement card for this child, because she is most often the first one to help someone who is sad, lonely, or hurt. In my mind, I already knew this child is a little humanitarian and I loved seeing the Unicorns recognize this trait in her.

 The final card …

Listen to Your True Feelings… oh what a great message to get! It tells her to not let others talk her into doing something that she knows is wrong. Most often the child will want to tell you a story about this too, and if not then you can always ask, “Can you think of a time that this may have happened to you?”

 I always give the child the opportunity to pull one more card, called the Significator. I tell them that this card can help to make a little more sense of the other three, or it’s just one more loving message the Unicorns want to give…

 This one definitely confirms that this particular child is always using her imagination! Unicorn spirit guides also give us the ability to invoke our imaginations and creative abilities more deeply if we just ask.

 For older kids, I like to show them that they can do a little more research into the meaning of the Unicorn’s message by flipping through the guide book. It’s in alphabetical order, so it’s much easier to find the names of each card. The meanings give great perspective and empowering food for thought in a child-friendly way.

 And most often, other children will be drawn to the positive assurance of the cards and will want to fill his or her own buckets, too!

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