Jolly Spring Sheep Craft

Spring is often associated with blooming flowers, caterpillar metamorphosis, baby birds, and for many it means pollen.

Sheep are fluffy meanings of spring, too, and for a variety of reasons. Metaphorically, they can be viewed as a symbol of rebirth, the Ultimate higher power watching over his flock, innocent aspects of oneself and of children, vulnerability in positive and negative aspects, and the attempt to limit oneself in following the crowd.

Whatever meanings ring clearly to your own heart, you can still make these adorable creatures using just a few household and crafty items.

I originally found this cute tutorial from Croissant and Lavender. If you’re doing this with a classroom of kids then purchase a few extras eggs just in case some break. The prep work is to poke a hole into the bottom of the egg (the more rounded end) and let it drain completely. Rinse out the egg and let it dry. Once it’s dry, you’re ready to start making Jolly Spring Sheep.

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  1. dry, drained eggs (brown or white)
  2. any size cotton balls
  3. glue watered down slightly
  4. paintbrush (for the glue)
  5. pipe cleaners (any color for the legs)
  6. permanent marker
  7. glitter glue gel (optional)


 Choose a dry egg from the carton, dip your paintbrush into your glue and water mixture (make sure it’s not runny), and start painting the glue over the top half of the egg.



Make sure to leave a hairline-like circle around the most pointed end of the egg. This is where you will draw the cute eyes, nose, and mouth.

Just do the top half first by painting all the way to the back. Put a little more glue around the hole in the back. Cotton balls will be circling the hole to cover it, but not going directly on top.

If you are using jumbo-sized cotton balls, pull them apart gently. The size of the cotton ball will depend on how fluffy you want your sheep. A few of my students pulled the jumbo apart three to four times and still had very cute sheep. Very gently press the cotton balls on the glue along the hairline.

 Continue to paint the glue and gently press cotton balls all around the egg, leaving an empty area for the face.

The side will be able to see the point of the egg showing, and the backside will have covered the hole up completely. You egg basically looks like it has a giant, white afro!

 Now take your marker and draw a little nose on the point of the egg, then a little mouth.

 Then the cute little eyes. Now we’re ready to attach the ears.

  Cut strips of brown or black paper about an inch and a half wide. Then fold one end to about half an inch.

 Now your piece will be folded in half. Keeping both sides together cut a long ear-shaped piece (keeping the fold together will give you two of the same size and shape).

 The ears will look a little like this. It’s ok if they’re long, you’ll be making them shorter in just a sec.

 Like this… then paint a little glue on the folded flap. Before putting the glue on you can play around with placement on your sheep’s head. The flap will slide underneath one of the cotton balls. If your glue is holding fast to the cotton ball, gently pull a little cotton up to make space for the flap. The cotton will rest back down on top like nothing ever happened!

 Now slide the flap underneath the cotton and gently press down to attach the glue to the egg surface.

 This is how it will look in the end. The placement of the ears is totally your style. Some kids made their ears super short, and others put them on the sides of the face looking a little dopey. They really bring personality to the sheep!

Now for the feet. These are optional. Most of my students opted just for front feet because it made them look like the sheep were sitting back on their haunches. Plus, some pipe cleaners will be stronger than others – some will stand, some will not. Cut about and inch and a half of pipe cleaner.

Bend both ends of the pipe cleaner piece and smother one side with glue. This will be the part to put on the egg’s surface.

 Clear away a section of the cotton for the leg and hold it to the surface until it’s dry “enough.”

Do all four legs this same way, or just two front legs depending on how many you want.

Once the legs are dry “enough” stand your cute little fluff up and talk to him – name him even. He’s that cute. Each one will have their own unique personalities! Some students started having a little fun with the glitter glue pens… they looked awesome! Take a look:

I love how she added a heart kiss on the cheek.

This one was woken up from a nap.

Freaking adorable, right?! I love how they all pose in their flock for the camera. Seriously, have fun with this!

Spring Sheep Scrolls

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