Jack-O-Lantern Cheese Crackers

I love figuring out easy, creative ways to shake things up a bit when making snacks for the kiddos. This one is so easy it’s pathetic… and scary… ahh!! Jack-O-Lantern cheese crackers!! Ruuuuun! Just kidding… eat.


  1. sliced cheese
  2. knife
  3. crackers (I used good ol’ Saltines)

I found that cutting a single piece of sliced cheese into square quarters fit the saltine crackers perfectly. Like, they were made for each other. A match made in Halloween Heaven.

Take the point of a very sharp knife and slowly slice out your scary faces. The kids loved pretending to be monsters by eating the remnants.

Get creative with your faces. 

Place the cheese faces on the crackers and serve it up!

I also snagged a couple of spooky faces to add to our miniature monster burgers… they look pretty terrified! You can see that post here.

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