Punkee Says: Dream Friends

Dream Friends
By You Byun

Melody has the most wonderful friend in her dreams. They do all sorts of magical stuff together. But when Melody wakes up she’s back in the real world, where she hasn’t yet made a friend. Then her dream friend inspires her to make some moves that helps Melody’s dreams of friendship come true.

Punkee Says:
I like this book because the girl’s dream friend flies and takes her on a lot of adventures. They play a lot of fun games. I like the way that the author draws and colors the pictures. This book makes me feel like I want a dream friend. My favorite part about this book is when she meets a new friend at school.

What I love about this book:
I have to admit, when I found this book at our local bookstore it was the illustrations that lured me…

Fantastical by nature, and a lover of color and whimsical animals I immediately wanted this book not only for myself (because mom’s are allowed to do that!) but for Punkee. This book is beautiful. I would love to have the illustrations to hang on the wall. I feel this book speaks to so many little girls because of the animals, colors, and sweet little adventures with her giant, friendly cat. I feel this book invokes a peaceful sense of imagination, which is so incredibly important in children who are bombarded with superhero fighting and with animated characters more concerned over how her hair looks than the moral of the story. This is a great bedtime story, and one that will give the child pleasant dreams while snuggling up with his or her favorite stuffed animal.

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