Doughnut Monsters

Nom Nom Nom! – say that with a monster voice and you’re ready to make Doughnut Monsters.

Admittedly, these are so viral on the internet that they were subliminally planted in my head to have to make with *Punkee and *Seastar. We, of course, had to add our own Indigo twist or we would feel like fakers.

I also found that the first try was not as easy as it looks when it came to sliding the vampire teeth into the doughnut. Voila, you’re done? Nope.

I’ve provided some photos with captions below to show the steps on how we made it actually work without tearing the doughnuts to smithereens before we even got a chance to decorate them. All doughnut monsters eventually perished after the making of this post… muahahahhhhh!


  1. doughnuts – glazed or plain. I saw some tutorials that had sprinkles on them and they looked neat 
  2. cheap, plastic vampire teeth
  3. a lighter (you’ll see why)
  4. chocolate chips or candy eyes (surprisingly, I found mine at Publix)
  5. candy corn
  6. cake decorating gel (any color – we used black)


After gathering your supplies, you’ll probably notice that the hole of the donut is… well…

Way smaller than the vampire teeth. When I used the knife to cut a large enough hole to have the teeth fit… well…

It was a little wonky to say the list. Sure you can make it look like it’s screaming… go for it. But if you want the vampire teeth to fit inside with the teeth more closed, here’s how to do it.

Take your lighter, close the teeth, and melt the bent parts of the teeth. Be mindful of how much you melt it… the more it melts, the more pliable it becomes.

This is without using much force at all.

Now squeeze the bent parts together and wedge into the doughnut hole.

Settle our teeth and gently manipulate to how you want them to look.

Awesome! Now your teeth are placed.

We shoved a couple candy corns in for Frankenstein-like plugs.

Place your eyes. We ended up using the black decorating gel as a glue.

Punkee* used pretzels as a monster chin. Later, she switched them out for black decorating gel.

Just a dab of the black decorating gel.

The monster is feeling more and more beautiful!

I love the eyebrows. This three-eyed monster looks evil. The other one looks a little confused and uncomfortable.

This guy is missing something…

Hair! Use the knife tip to stab a little hole into his head. It’s easier than trying to push the blunt end of the candy corn in, resulting in a squished doughnut head.

Kids are clever… just go with it. Punkee* wanted only one eye. It looks awesome!!

Total Punkee* creation. I foresee a Culinary Crystal Kid in the making.

Don’t forget to eat them! That was the hardest part, because we were feeling a little sentimental…

Up Next To Eat… Monster Earwax!


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