Crystals for Children

By Denise Neal – Guest Writer

Kids of all ages have a natural attraction to crystals. I have found in working with them, the entire fascination focuses around the colors, the feel, the energy and the fact that they are real and a substance right from our own Mother Earth. Children are naturally tapped into the energies and vibrations crystals give out, and without realizing it, they understand intuitively which stone will bring them the need in their lives at the moment.

Whether it’s love, focus, grounding….they may not know how to verbalize (although don’t let them fool you), but they understand. Children who are autistic are unbelievably astute with crystals and their vibrations as well.

Amazingly enough, a child will almost always know which crystals to work with. They are so perceptive with what to do and how to work with them. Observe as you let them choose; however, don’t overwhelm them with too many choices at once…

I would personally suggest 8-10 crystals for them to choose from. If you lay the crystals out in a line, the child will instinctively choose exactly what they need at that time.
Crystal line-up
Choosing a crystal

Moonstone grip

For beginners, a few nice crystals to start with may be as follows:

Amethyst in hand a) Amethyst – This beautiful purple crystal has a very gentle energy that feels protective and calming to the child. Amethyst is also a good crystal for helping children sleep at night as it has a relaxing effect. This is also a great crystal to help prevent nightmares. Simply place the crystal by your child’s bed or under his/her pillow at night.

Rose quartz in hand b) Rose Quartz – Children of both sexes will naturally gravitate toward this pink treasure. This crystal has a very gentle, loving energy that helps soothe children during hurtful times. This is also a great boost for releasing anxiety and fear; and, most importantly, feeling love toward self.

Moonstones in hand c) Moonstone – A personal favorite of mine, this beauty can help calm a hyperactive child, helping settle them in group situations. This is a great stone for teachers to have in their classrooms, especially in different spots of the room. This is also a great friend for restful nights sleep. Moonstone comes in many different colors, which is very attractive to the children.

Hematite in hand d) Hematite – This shiny black stone has a shine to it that is sure to attract most children. This is known to help children feel grounded and safe, while giving protection as well. It is a gentle stone with a lot of grounding energy. It’s an excellent stone for energy-sensitive children who get anxious when in a chaotic or crowded situation.

Enjoy your crystal hunt with your children! This is a perfect time to observe which stones they are drawn too, and then reading what properties relate to each stone.

Happy Crystals!

Denise Neal, whose pen name is Deni Bressette, has just released her first book Crystal Journey Adventures: Mermaid City. She’s not only a published author, but a manifestation coach, advanced crystal healer, breath and meditation coach, and a former pre-school owner and teacher. She currently lives in Port Royal, South Carolina.

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