Crystal Cleaning

Children have a profound appreciation and bond to crystals and gemstones. Most often they do not just see a particular stone as just a rock, but instead as a piece of glittering mystery – even if it’s minutely embedded in a hunk of driveway gravel. When a child brings me one of their findings I really try to see the specimen as the child sees it.

woman-hand-girl-glass It’s as though it’s magic… and maybe it is.

I would never want to take that feeling away from them. Ever.

Crystal cleaning is a wonderful way the child can show the stone how much he or she appreciates it’s presence. This is always hugely popular in the classroom, and I have also found it to be a great source of meditation and decompression for them.

Here’s how you do it.


Objective: to give the child a sense of focus and detail in cleansing rocks, stones, gems, and minerals.

Deeper Objective: to give the child a sense of appreciation, inspection, curiosity, and respect towards geological specimens. To give the child a sense of energetic and emotional connection to the earth’s energies and mysteries.


    1. tray that can get wet
    2. small bowl for the cleansing
    3. cup with sea salt (not iodized)
    4. small spoon (infant-sized or 1/4 tsp)
    5. child-size toothbrush
    6. washcloth
    7. water
    8. crystals: only 1-5 (rocks, gems, stones, minerals, etc.) – I suggest limiting the amount of crystals per cleaning cycle so that the child does not rush through to clean them all. Using only one or a few, the child is more likely to pay closer attention to each individual cleaning.


    1. Pour enough lukewarm water in the empty bowl to cover one stone halfway. Then spoon a very small amount (about 1/8 tsp) of the sea salt and stir it into the water until it is completely dissolved. (This is a great lesson to do before, during or after an experiment/lesson on dissolving salts in liquid, even with varying temperatures).

    2. Choose one crystal and plunk it into the water (Consider using only one at a time as two or more will take away from the individuality and attention towards each stone). Pick up the tooth brush and begin to gently scrub the crystal.

    3. If necessary, you can always pick the crystal up and scrub gently over the bowl. Be sure to dip it and the toothbrush back into the bowl every once in awhile for rinsing.

    4. When you are satisfied with the cleanliness place it on the washcloth to drip dry. If there is more than one stone waiting to be cleansed (there normally is!), then choose the next in line and repeat the same steps.

      5. Dab the wet crystals until they are clear of dry water marks.

      7. Take a moment to appreciate the new feel (either physically and/or energetically) of the stone.

      Cleaning up:

        1. Place the crystal(s) back in their proper places.
        2. Pour the salt water into the sink and wipe the bowl and spoon dry.
        3. Use the washcloth to blot any droppings of water on or around the tray.
        4. Feel good and calm while gazing at your happy stones!


        Large amethyst
        Large amethyst

        Amethyst geode getting a bath.
        Amethyst geode getting a bath.

        Feature Image Photo credit: s.rizzo via / CC BY-NC-SA

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