Tinker Crate – Biomechanical Hand!

Our first monthly Tinker Crate subscription adventure brought us a Biomechanical Hand!
Two middle school students had fun putting this together. Here’s their progress in pictures.

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Addition: Colored Bead Stair

We’ve officially moved on to addition with the colored bead stair. Naturally, we will start with the basics of single addends. Following this post will be working with triple addends. This is yet another great lesson in showing kids how to not only add, but also as an introduction to using the colored beads for …

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Making Teens: Colored Bead Stair

Going from single digits to double digits can be a pretty mind-blowing concept for some kids. Using the colored beads stair and the golden bead bars to teach this concept makes it a LOT easier for both the child and the educator. If the child has recently been introduced to the colored bead stair and …

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Meet the Colored Bead Stair…

The colored bead stair is a quintessential Montessori math material because it has SO many different mathematical benefits. The youngest child in primary all the way through upper elementary learns one-to-one correspondence, connecting quantity to symbol, square roots and cubes, basic operations, and complex algebraic equations. I often use this material for middle and high …

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Teach Basic Division – Using Horses and Apples

After seeing how to teach basic division using frogs and lily pads by setting them in the same sequence as the division problem (I recommend viewing this tutorial first), your child will soon be able to move on to a slightly more abstract version. If the child has a complete understanding of division vocabulary (dividend, …

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