Tinker Crate – Fiber Optic Stars

  Our new Tinker Crate came in recently, and we were excited to find that it was an astronomy theme – Fiber Optic Stars! This was way cool, and two sixth graders had a really great time collaborating and cooperatively putting this thing together. Because it was astronomy, I had a great time cheering them …

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Monster Earwax – Yummmyyyy!

Have you ever wondered what monster earwax tastes like? Oh, we have… and now we know! Here’s how to make Monster Q-tips as a Halloween treat. Materials: candy sticks – if they’re long, cut them in half small marshmallows peanut butter, Nutella, sunbutter, caramel – whatever you want to represent as earwax that can go …

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Chemistry: Energy Shell Peace Flags – II

This is the ultimate follow-up to the previous Chemistry/Art/Peace lesson called Chemistry: Energy Shell Peace Flags. Before you can attempt the rest of this lesson, you’ll need to see how this is done… click here. Recently, some middle school students got in on the process of making these and chose which elemental groups they wanted …

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Chemistry: Energy Shell Peace Flags

A few years ago I was teaching a middle school science class at an SEL school. Because of the school’s alternative nature, I was allowed to use whatever creative methods I wanted to help the kids to understand math and science. In comes the Periodic Table of Elements. It’s pretty fascinating stuff, but not so much …

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Tinker Crate – Biomechanical Hand!

Our first monthly Tinker Crate subscription adventure brought us a Biomechanical Hand!
Two middle school students had fun putting this together. Here’s their progress in pictures.

(Thank you for the support: Please note that most links on my blog are affiliate links at no extra cost to you. I do get a minuscule percentage if you purchase the items after clicking on the links.)

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Flower Suncatchers

Creating flower suncatchers is a fun way to get kids’ hands on the different parts of a plant, especially the flowers. It’s also a great way to celebrate the spring equinox or summer solstice. After learning about the anatomy of a flower in Parts of a Flower I, II, and III the vocabulary is tossed …

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Hand Made Modern Wood Spinner

This was a last second aw, sure, why not?? throw-in-the-basket from Target. Punkee was so excited about this Hand Made Modern Wood Spinner, and it was fun to kick off the summer with a day at the beach and then an art project. I’m pretty picky about art kits, but this one turned out pretty …

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