Buying Handmade for Back to School

A few things I love about buying handmade is that:

1. it’s normally from a small business,
2. each handmade piece is most often one of a kind, and
3. I normally won’t see anyone else with the same piece since I didn’t purchase it from a big box store.

Sometimes small businesses have to use a larger company to showcase their awesome stuff. This includes online sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc.

I have used Etsy for years as a platform to sell Punkee Herbals, my own small business specializing in herbal salves, balms, deodorants, and other herbal goodies. And it’s been great.

My thoughts of the future always go back to the kids… I consider the future for so many creative and artistic children, and I know that the trend will most likely continue to grow in selling their amazing work online.

So when Amazon came out with Amazon Handmade… oh, that was just exciting. I love browsing through and even reading the profiles of these amazing artists who believe in their work so much, and will experiment with various avenues of sharing their works with the world.

I want to share some of these with you – and even better, with your child. Amazon Handmade’s back to school stuff has the potential to give the child the feeling of uniqueness, and that it helped to support a small business.

Here are a few of my favorite things from Amazon Handmade. I’ll showcase a few of Etsy’s next!

(Thank you for the support: Please note that most links on my blog are affiliate links at no extra cost to you. I do get a minuscule percentage if you purchase the items after clicking on the links, but these articles are written solely from my own perspective, experience, and honest opinion.)

Classy Cat Lunch Bag

Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag – VW Vans and Peace Signs

Dark Oak Waxed Canvas Lunch Tote

Hand Knit Apple Cozy Sweater

Hot Green With Lucky Ladybug Button

100% Linen Lunch Box Napkins – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Resusable Snack Bags – variety of sizes and prints

ChangNoi Fair Trade Backpack – Embroidered, Variety of Colors

Sheep Backpack

Matryoshka Doll Backpack

Lightblue Canvas Backpack with lots of pockets

Monster Fabric Pencil Pouch

Slip Pencil Case

Blue-Striped Cat Pencil Case

Rainbow Unicorn Fabric Button Earrings With Matching Necklace

Bear Custom iPad Sleeve

Blue Bunny Superhero Necklace Pendant

Bunny iPhone Case – any size

Math Nerd Wallet

Alpaca Yarn Keychain

Pick Your Guitar, Not Your Nose Keychain

So much talent! Pin these for later, too.

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