Bird Matching & Memory Game

Oh boy do we love birds. We live in a semi-tree house, with the living area up in the tree canopy. This makes for a wild view of common birds jumping from branch to branch right outside of our windows. We have plenty of bird feeders to bring them right to our windowsills, and they’ve learned that our little family is not to fear.

Michael’s craft store had a sale on stickers, so I snagged some real-life images of common birds to make a matching set for her to play around with. This lesson is so super easy it’s ridiculous.

We love natural materials, so I also used river rock in place of tiles. I keep these finished beauties in a pretty moss-covered basket on our coffee table, so that Stella (3) can match them or play a memory game at will – she also loves to find the picture of the bird that currently nibbles on the bird feeders.

This proves there is much more to these than just looking at pictures! It creates an awareness for the environment, which is exactly what my intention is… 

Here’s what you need and how we use them!

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The basket of birds awaiting the game…
Lay one of each type of bird out in a row in front of the child. After you’ve done this a few times with her, she’ll get the hint and be able to lay them out herself… the beauty of independence.
Ask her to choose a bird out of the basket and to match it with it’s “friend” in the line. When you are doing this lesson first to show the child how it’s done, you can say the type of bird out loud once you’ve matched the buddies together… “Cardinal. Male cardinals are red.”

Continue reaching into the basket one at a time to match the birds together.
Admire your work. You can also call out each of the bird names, and mention a few cool facts… if it interests the child. Place all of the rocks back into the basket.


Without looking at the birds, flip each rock over face down into a square or rectangle (this makes it easier for memorization, which helps to boost confidence levels).
Flip one rock over to see the bird… A little chickadee hops up first.
Turn over another rock to see if it matches… if they don’t match then flip them back over face down. This is when you know it’s important to have modeled the game first, because I have found that most of the time the young child wants to keep flipping the rocks over until they find the match. This game teaches order, patience, and memory.
Flip over two more… and we have a match! Hi, little Goldfinch.
The child can put the match to the side or back in the basket.
Continue this procedure until all of the birds have found their buddies…
Admire your work. Then put them away or play again! You can also take turns playing this game with the child, or let the child lay the rocks out to try to “stump” you.

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