Punkee Says: Babymouse – Rockstar

Babymouse – Rockstar
By Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm

Babymouse has music in her soul…but sadly, not in her flute. Will Babymouse ever hit the right note? Will she be the star of the school concert, or is her musical career all washed up before it’s even started? Find out in Rock Star, the sensational 4th book in the Babymouse graphic novel series!

Punkee Says:
What I like about Rockstar is that she imagines that she is a rockstar. My favorite part is when Felicia, the mean cat, says New hairstyle, Penny? And then Penny says, Yes do you like it? And Felicia says, Sure, if you want to look like a pink mushroom. Then Babymouse imagines that Penny faints when Felicia says that. The funniest parts are when her music teacher says, Babymouse did you practice? And then Babymouse says yes but the look on her face means no. Then one night she is playing her flute in her bedroom and the neighbor throws the shoe through the window onto her head and says, We’re trying to sleep here!

What I love about this book:
Rockstar is the fourth book in the Babymouse series, and I can never get enough of Punkee or my students laughing hysterically at different parts of the book. And if it’s not hysterics, it’s little chuckles or quick guffaws. Babymouse’s expressions are great, and the dreamworlds that she puts herself into are reminiscent of my own childhood devouring Calvin & Hobbes. This spunky little mouse puts a fresh perspective of humor for kids, and in fun, easy-to-read graphic novel-style. I have found myself on numerous occasions, leafing through the book with a smirk on my face just from looking at the pictures and the quickie episodes of Babymouse’s daydream of being a rockstar. Her dream isn’t disparaged even with a shoe thrown at her through her bedroom window!

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