Punkee Says: Babymouse – Mad Scientist!

Babymouse: Mad Scientist
By Jenifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm

The greatest scientific discovery of the 21st century is about to be revealed . . . when Babymouse enters the school science fair! Will her amazing discovery win 1st place? Will it become a successful spin off series? Find out in Mad Scientist—the 14th installment of the award-winning graphic novel series, and the Babymouse that begins the amazing adventures of SQUISH: SUPER AMOEBA!

Punkee Says:
What I like about Mad Scientist is that it is all about science. I LOVE science! My favorite part in this book is that she finds a new friend under her microscope. She keeps calling it a blob and it’s yelling at her from the microscope slide saying I’m not a BLOB! I am an AMOEBA! The funniest part is when the judges at the science fair think that there is nothing in the jar until Babymouse puts a cupcake in it and the amoeba burps so loudly that it shook the jar that it was in. Then it said excuse me. Babymouse was the second winner in the science fair.

What I like about Mad Scientist:
Ok, I’m partial here… it’s SCIENCE. Anything science makes me giddy. So, to find a graphic novel on a funny, spunky little mouse on being a mad scientist is just perfect. Squish all of Babymouse’s humor, hilarious illustrations, and quirky science motives into a book and you had me at Greetings. This book also gets a lot of kids into science, so it’s a perfect intro into the humorous side of science experiments.

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