Punkee Says: Babymouse – Beach Babe

Babymouse – Beach Babe
By Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm

School’s out and Babymouse is headed to the beach for a week of sun, sand, surfing, snorkeling, and sharks! Looks like Babymouse’s summer fun isn’t shaping up quite the way she expected. Will Babymouse survive her summer vacation? Will she be the surfing star she dreams of being . . . or is she sharkbait?! Find out in Beach Babe—the 3rd hilarious, action-packed installment of the beloved Babymouse graphic novel series.

Punkee Says:

I like this book because Babymouse daydreams about being the best surfer. She goes to the beach and surfs, which is what I like to do too. The funniest part is when she rushes to the beach, but doesn’t get there in time to make a sand castle because there are so many people crowding the beach! My favorite part is when…

she wished for ice cream from a beach genie, but got pickle-flavored ice cream instead! Gross. The next one I’m reading is Babymouse – Rockstar. I’ll tell you about this one when I’m finished.

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What I love about this book:
Graphic novels are some of my favorite books for every age, especially for reluctant readers and kids just learning how to read. Babymouse is a great example of a graphic novel for girls and boys with it’s easy to read, fast-paced, word-to-picture correlated layout. With a whole series of books to back her up, Babymouse: Beach Babe (Book 3) was such a great start to Punkee’s summer. This was also her first choice for our local library’s summer reading program. I love that she feels confident enough as a beginning reader to be able to turn the pages and know what is actually happening in the story. Beach Babe is another funny and clever Babymouse book, and once again proves how rotten things can happen to Babymouse, but she moves through it with stride, determination, and so much humor… even when being chased by a shark!

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