Affirmations for Kids and Teens

I never understood how much fear, anxiety, and low self-esteem pervades our youth until I started teaching. I had my own personal confidence issues growing up, but I didn’t realize how globalized self-doubt actually was. When I started doing yoga at the turn of the millennia I came across this really “bizarre” concept – daily affirmations… you mean, I could actually talk myself into truly feeling good about who I am? Fast forward over a decade, and I proclaim, “YES!”

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Offering daily affirmations to children and to teens is something I’ve done for years. I have witnessed kids of all ages start to really feel good about being human. Hearing the words, “I am a great artist,”  “I am a very good, trustworthy friend,”  “I surround myself with people who truly love me,” and “I choose to make good choices,” has really helped the child or teen look at himself with a more loving, accepting perspective. It is positive programming for anyone, and with practice the child finds their daily affirmations into a healthy habit while boosting their confidences, creating positive outlooks, and being more mindful of their thoughts.

I offer 144 beautiful affirmation cards on an 18 page PDF printable in my shop. Simply print the cards, cut, and laminate for durability. You can find them HERE. They’re available in color or white.

Here are some ways you can present them:

  1. Store in an attractive box for the students to pick out each day or each week (I have a beautiful treasure chest that I’ve used for years). Have the child read the affirmation – be patient with the eye rolls and “this is so not me” comments! – and then have them repeat it to themselves whether under the breath or silently. Many times I have the students tape the affirmation card onto their desks or clipped onto their clipboards so that they can see it throughout the whole day or week. At the end of the day/week, the students put the cards back into the box. 
  2.  One year I included about ten affirmation cards in a pretty envelope for each child on Valentine’s Day – this was my Feel the Love warm fuzzy for the kiddos I spend so much time with.
  3. When a child is having a rough day, quietly walk to her with the box of affirmation cards so she can give herself a warm fuzzy.
  4. When two children are arguing, a good way to make amends for each one to find an affirmation card that might help the other. A pretty good truce.
  5. Don’t forget to give one to yourself.
  6. Or mail them to family and friends.
  7. Write your own… as much as possible. 
  8. Tape them to your wall until you have a wall of affirmations. We did this one year underneath each student’s name and we dubbed it the Wall of Affirmations. It was fun reading what each student got and reminded each student about it.
  9. I’ve used them during tutoring sessions to help children with their reading skills. 
  10. These make a great gift for a classroom, club, homeschool, or family.
  11. Start an Affirmation Pen Pal.

I hope you have as much fun with them as we do!

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